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In order to have as normal of a wedding as possible, and to keep ourselves and our guests healthy - we ask that if you are not fully vaccinated that you celebrate with us in the future. Please see additional information page for other wedding and venue required safety guidelines.
Amethyst & Craig




Amethyst and Craig

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Our Story

You may be surprised to learn that Amy made the first move, and the second. Craig ignored her request to go get breakfast because he "slept in". Little did she know that he doesn't really like breakfast (that should have been a red flag). So it was lunch instead, a long lunch where he told her ON THE FIRST DATE that he was going to have two children and name them Sue Per Powers, and Max Imum Powers (also should have been a red flag - but these will not be the names of our children, you're welcome Julie).

From then on Amy has been constantly challenging Craig to try new foods (still not successful with sweet potatoes and avocados), use his PTO to travel,and have adventures. Her attempts to get him to finish any TV show on Netflix have been unsuccessful (with the glorious exception of Schitt's Creek). Craig has been reminding Amy to be slow, patient, and careful (nursing her back from her many injuries when she was not), helping her appreciate the beauty of researching products on consumer reports, and refining his dad jokes to always keep her laughing.

We love living in Minneapolis, our garden in the summer, drinking craft beer while exploring local breweries and our fur baby Selena! We look forward to celebrating with you soon!
Rebecca Bowen